Monday, April 12, 2010


Inspired by my friend Patti Floren, I have decided to begin an online spot to share my love of reading - specifically reading with children!

My goal for this blog is to eventually have areas that address:

*Kozy Korner Book Cafe and Cafe Junior monthly activities
(Wadsworth Location)

*Spotlight on great children's literature

*Activities families and teachers can do with different books

*Reviews of great parenting books

*An opportunity for parents to share, question and discuss parenting issues, reading issues,
fun things their families have done, etc.

*Great "grown-up" reads - time for summer reading!

*Links to other sites with great ideas too!

I hope that friends - old and new! - will find things here to inspire, encourage, support, resolve and provide enjoyment for their kids in the wonderful world of reading!


Patricia said...

Congrats, Mary! What a wonderful outlet for you and service to everyone else!

Anonymous said...

Great Site Mary! Looking forward to seeing more. Just wanted to let you know that Ryan will be there on the 17th but will be a little late due to Soccer Pictures at 10am. We'll get there as quick as we can. Enjoyed January Joker this month!
Thanks, Melissa Nagel